Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Place (woo hoo!) and Forgetfulness (boo!)

Nora entered a self portrait that she painted during the school year into a competition at the National Press Club. The competition was sponsored by the National Arts Program.

Nora won first place in her age category! Here's a picture of Nora with her painting & blue ribbon!

Non diabetes stuff going well. Diabetes stuff -- I'm a little frustrated. Daniel forgot his lantus a couple of times this week. Once he remembered it at 1:40 a.m. when he was already between 400 & 500 (the meters aren't so accurate when you get that high). He was spending the night at a friend's house. He took the lantus at that point, then at his regular time the next night because he didn't tell me what he had done. I would have had him take the lantus at 11:40, then earlier the next night.

Then he forgot it again last night (I was out at my yoga class). I found that out when my hubby asked me what Daniel's number was last night at bed time. I looked at him with that wide-eyed stare/glare that's supposed to pin a person to the wall and said, "I WAS AT YOGA." Then checked the meters. There was no bedtime reading.

So today he is checking every few hours and correcting as necessary. I try not to be a nag, honestly.
But am I allowed to leave the house? Can I let him leave the house? Is this just teenage brain? Can I scream now and will you all understand?


Jeff said...

That's a well-deserved blue ribbon, Naomi. Nora does very nice work.

As for the other stuff, by all means, scream if you need to.

We understand.

Colleen said...

What a proud smile!! Congratulations to Nora.
Yup, screaming might work. If nothing else, it may make you feel better.

Major Bedhead said...

`What a great picture! Artist impress the heck out of me, since I can barely draw a straight line.

Screaming is better than beating your head against a wall, which is what I feel like I'm doing most days. Oy.