Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finally, 10 Things About Me!

I'm sorry it took so long for me to get around to this! It's been a busy week. My wonderful hubby turned 50 yesterday, and I threw him a lovely, yet quite small dinner party. He did not want to make a fuss. But I was able to invite a just a couple of friends & neighbors so I had to do shopping & get the house clean and make the special request white chocolate cheesecake... etc. etc.

Anyway. The meme.

The rules are that you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names and why you tagged them. Don't forget to leave them a comment saying ('You're It!') and to go read your blog. You can not tag the person that tagged you, so, since you can't tag me back let me know when you are done so that I can go read YOUR blog answers.

1. My mom didn't let us kids have sodas when we were growing up (except on special occasions or going out) and now I hardly ever drink them. They don't taste good to me, except the rare coca cola over lots of ice on a very hot day. My mom also never got us peanut butter, but I just love that stuff. Have it all the time. Isn't that weird?

2. I make a damn fine white chocolate cheesecake (gluten free).

3. When I was a kid spinach was my favorite vegetable. It's still in my top 10.

4. I know lots of songs from Broadway musicals and sing them all the time. I raised my kids on show tunes. Hence we are a very weird family because we don't know anything about American Idol but can sing all the words from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels."

5. I married my husband twice, almost a year apart.

6. Daniel was born when I was 30. I was born when my mom was 30. I don't know if this 30 year thing goes back more than this.

7. I am "woman, interrupted." I was interrupted 3 times while trying to write the last 6 lines.

8. I wanted to be an actress. Now I want to be a writer. I have been slowly choking in non-artistic jobs. I want my next job to have an artistic component. OR if it doesn't, then I have to write something on the side. A story. A book. An encyclopedia of mom knowledge that's important yet hilarious.

9. I shouldn't hide things because I forget where they are. One Christmas Daniel was a little sad after present-opening time, and it was because he didn't get something that he asked for. I said, "Wait. I got you that." Yet there were no more presents under the tree. OOPS! So I went in search of it (and I found it in the garage) but while I was looking in other places I found another present that I had hidden for Nora, and then yet another present that I had hidden for Dominic THE CHRISTMAS BEFORE.

10. I just took the SAT.

Who am I going to tag? Jules, Daena, Windy, Kristen, because I'd love to hear what they have to say, and I'm not tagging anyone else because everyone has been tagged!!!!

I'll post pics from Matt's birthday soon. More people coming for dinner tonight, though!


Colleen said...

Those are great! I was also raised on show tunes and so, so were my kids.

Ashley said...

haha i knew yours would rock! i love it!

as kids, my brother (the delinquent) and i used to skife cans of spinach, the ones with popeye on the side and eat them in one of the fields by our house. my mom never punished us for it.

jules said...

ooh fun! okie i'll have to think about this for a bit... hmm....

kkonmymind said...

hi - I gave this my best shot!! :)

Isophorone said...

Mom was born when her father was 30(and for all the rest of you, he's now 105 and still living). Does that count? And you do make a very good cheesecake, glutenous or not.

Happy belated anniversary!

Naomi said...

It counts for me!

I was very pleased with this cheesecake. I also found a gluten-free, sugar free white chocolate at Costco that was on special display the day I was there. They were handing out free samples. It's called "Amber Lyn Chocolates", fine and imported Belgian Chocolate and it is made with malitol instead of sugar. There were still carbs, but much less than normal white chocolate.