Monday, April 21, 2008

Taking the Good with the Not so Good

The good news:
Dominic does NOT have celiac, according to the blood test. Pizza is still on the menu.

Not so good:
Rain deluge+blocked gutter+blocked drain=water in basement. Hello out there, you rain makers? Can you try doing your rain-making thing in moderation next time?

Other news: We switched Daniel's lantus from evening to morning to see if it would clear out those dinner to evening highs. It has! The problem is, now he has breakfast to mid morning highs! I'll wait the full week to see if things change, but I have a feeling that this isn't working the way the endo had hoped.

Last news of the night: I'm taking a writing class, something to help improve the creative flow. At the first class my teacher, Candice, offered this lovely mind shift about writing. You have to think about going off to write as something wonderful, something like a great secret. Like an incredible love affair, or a vacation in paradise.

That notion has been stuck in my mind for the past 24 hours. It is delicious.


Ashley said...

hooray for dominic! pizza is wonderful!

what daniel's dealing with about the lantus, it sounds like what i was doing about this time two years ago. i ended up splitting the dose, taking half before bed and half in the morning.

all that messing around gives you quite a headache doesn't it? and it keeps changing, you can never get it down to one method.

dae said...

Yay for Dominic! :) What a relief for you guys. :)

I love that notion about writing. It sounds...really delicious.