Friday, November 30, 2007

Opening with Buttons

I have one of Beth's buttons on my purse. Turns out, it's a great conversation starter.

"You have diabetes?"

"No, my son."

"Oh. Me too."

This was in my youngest child's karate class. I talked with another mom. Previously, our conversations had been brief. Where our children go to school. Look at how their kicks are improving. Wow, it's cold today.

Diabetes brings conversations to a new level. They are instantly personal. You have diabetes in your life? I know you. I get you. I understand.

So far, this button has only started conversations with others who have diabetes. But I see other people looking.

Come. Ask me about my button. I'm happy to talk.

1 comment:

in search of balance said...

I'm glad your button is sparking a bit of conversation. I see people looking at mine, too, although no one's actually asked me about them yet. I hope that in reading the button they realize that diabetes is NOT cured, that it's NOT just a disease for older people, and that it sucks at least enough for me to wear a button on my bag!