Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Oy, I'm the crotchety old lady of the group so I'm figuring out what meme means! So thanks to Amylia I've been meme'd!

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven deadly sins about me, eh? Well...

1. I have a tendency to sing show tunes at random moments. Along with this, I have raised my kids to be musical theater geeks like me.
"Dress up a monkey in Armani,
He may seem precocious and cute.
Despite all that primpin',
You still got a chimp in a suit." Oops, there I go again. (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)

2. I can stand on my head for 3 minutes. It took 20 years of yoga to get that far. Yoga is a lifetime of work for me, and an eternity of bliss. It keeps me going when the rest of the world is a whirlwind. I use the "ohm" symbol on my blog to remind me to be in THIS moment. NOW.

3. I married my husband about 4 1/2 months after our first date. Probably would have married him the day after that date. We both knew. When he reached over and held my hand in the movie theater, I felt a jolt, and that was it, he was the one. Never mind that I had just broken off a 3 year relationship with someone else and declared that I wasn't ready for anything "serious." We talked about it months later... he felt the same jolt. Weird, huh? But then again... my mom & dad met at a dinner party in Turkey. They got married only months later in Israel. My dad's mom & dad met at the beginning of summer in Paris, and married at the end of summer in Paris (but they had to bribe an official to shorten the time for the banns because grandpa had to get back to the States to college). So I guess it runs in the family.

4. I was a poetry major in grad school. One of my first & best poetry teachers told me that if you want to be a poet, you have to figure out what you are going to do in your life to support being a poet (like brain surgery, engineering, office managing...). She was a lawyer. Oh, and when I was in elementary school someone read one of my poems over the intercom during morning announcements. I almost fainted.

S T R E T C H this is hard

5. Some people lose socks. Some lose umbrellas. I keep losing spoons. They disappear from my house. Where the hell do all the spoons go? Why? The dishwasher doesn't eat them, I checked.

6. I'm an optimist. I always have been. My optimism has been sorely tested this year with Daniel's diagnoses. I tend to get out all my emotions when I write, so I may not seem optimistic in my words. But I am in person. Not just about Daniel, but for the whole world. Really.

7. My knees bend backwards. Much more than normal. I do not condone hyperextension by any means, and I try to avoid it myself. But it does look pretty freaky!!

Wow! I did it! Now I have to tag people. Hmmm. Can I tag total strangers? Places I've lurked?

I'm want to tag Jillian, but found out that she's been tagged. So has Shannon. So has Penny. And Beth. And Bernard. And so many of the other D365ers! But...

I'm tagging Sara, DeathByBokeh, M, whom I don't know, but found her on the OC, Jules, and since I have to go make the cranberry sauce now, I can't do any more!!!!


dae said...

hi naomi! i frequently burst out singing too. i went through a rent phase where i sang rent songs oh so randomly.

daena (my blogger username's an abbreviated version, and a nickname)

in search of balance said...

Aw, that was fun to read. I love the story of you and your husband... my parent have you beat, though...3 months from meeting to wedding! And they're still married.

When I first saw Daniel, despite the fact that it was the middle of my art show and I was busy, and despite the fact that I was not looking AT ALL, I had a moment of internal quiet where the thought came to my head, very clearly and very unbidden, "I could marry that man." And I always assumed I'd be 40 and unmarried and happy about it. But nope. Married at 23. To him.

And it goes both ways.

Thanks for sharing those 7 things, Naomi!

Amylia said...

Ahah...your show tunes crack me up. I bet you're a fun mom!

I loved the story of you and your husband and your family. So cool. You are one neat lady. I hope we can meet face-to-face someday. I'd really like that!

I love poetry, too. I've never done yoga, but I think I'd benefit greatly from it....

Sister-in-law said...

Hey you. Did I tell you that VJ isn't very fond of showtunes? (No surprise to you, I'm sure, given his parents...) We were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (something I always did when I was little) and during the Xanadu number he turned to me and said "Do you know when they're going to be finished with all of this singing and dancing?! I'd rather play with my legos." So much for tradition building. (He is, however, wound up about the idea of playing pokeno at Ida's.)

Naomi said...

HA HA Kathryn, listen to this: Thanksgiving morning Dominic was having a typical Dominic screeching fit, so we turned on the parade to distract him. The cast from Legally Blonde was doing their number. Dominic stopped screaming and watched, fascinated. When the singing and dancing was over, he went back into screech mode.

When I see you at Christmas, I'll ask Daniel to have VJ listen to his iPod. BROADWAY MUSICALS GALORE.