Thursday, October 18, 2007

Up and Down Day

Daniel came home from school yesterday and said that he had an up and down day. “Not my blood sugars!” he was quick to explain.

First they had the PSAT test at school. Four hours of testing, he said. Long and boring. Boo! Plus, when he tested his blood sugar it read 350 (!!!) but he thinks that was a mistake because he forgot to change the code on the glucometer. But he was in the middle of the PSAT so he didn’t retest. And his lunch number was in range. Yay!

Then, for all the kids that were on time & completed the test, they had a party in the afternoon. Yay! Excellent! No classes! At the party they served cookies and soda. No diet soda. No other drinks. (Did I mention that at the homecoming dance last weekend there were only regular sodas?) Boo! So Daniel traded in his food tickets for raffle tickets, because there were also raffles being given out. Yay! And then, get this – he won a raffle! Yay! He goes to pick up his prize – and it is a $10.00 certificate to McDonalds. Boo! Not good for the diabetic celiac. So he gave it to a friend.

Later, he realized that this guy in one of his afternoon classes is the student government president. So Daniel pulled him aside & told him about the lack of diet sodas and the fact that he can’t have any. So the prez said yeah, that’s a really good idea (side note: I can’t believe that the constantly dieting teenage girls didn’t complain before this!!!) and he will make change and get diet sodas for the next event. Yay!

And the best yay is that we upped the lantus again last night and the 12 a.m. and the 3 a.m. numbers were finally in range. Hopefully we’ll be able to cut out one of those night time checks soon!

***I'm adding to this post later in the day. I took Daniel to his orthodontist appt. today. While we were waiting & waiting in the crowded room, Daniel felt low, so he tested. He was 68, but felt as though he was dropping so he had a few smarties to raise him up. There was a kid next to Daniel watching the whole thing -- the testing, the discussion with me about how many smarties to have, the counting out of the smarties. I could see in his eyes that he didn't quite understand what was happening, but that it was completely weird that some kid was eating candy right before his ortho appointment!

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Shannon said...

That really was an up and down day. I can't believe either that there were no diet sodas for the girls. Or even bottled water.

What a sucker punch to win a raffle only to have it be for McDonalds.

It's great to see that he's not only proactive in testing and treating himself, but also taking a part in making changes by speaking to the class prez.