Friday, September 14, 2007

Plugged In

It's Friday afternoon and we're all plugged in. I'm in blog mode, Dominic & Nora are watching the Simpsons, and Daniel is playing his hour's worth of video games. Apples are boiling their way into sauce on the stove (trying it with Honeycrisp apples; we'll see how it goes because my favorite Staymens are not available yet). The pork loin is marinating. And all the humans in the house are quiet.

A nice end to the week. Daniel had some serious lows in the past couple of days. Of course, one day he didn't finish lunch because he "had no time." I told him that as a diabetic student, there is always time for lunch. He can eat in the nurse's office or in his class. That's what the 504 plan is for! I hope we've got that straightened out. I know it is hard to be the only kid eating in the class room, but I don't want him to be the only kid passing out on the bus on the way home!

I ran to Target on the way to work this morning and bought a broiler pan. I've been without one for years, just using a cookie rack stuck inside a cookie sheet. But I thought it would be nice to have an actual broiler pan. I was thinking of Mr. Piggy marinating in the fridge. I'm also lacking a grill, so a quick broil is the next best thing. And this time I was smart -- I didn't unwrap the thing right away. I put it in my oven just to test... and NO -- it doesn't fit. The door doesn't close. It IS nice to have double wall ovens, but they are the teensiest ovens in the world! AGH!!

The broiler pan will be returned. I'll go back to the cookie sheet method. If it ain't broke...

I'm just glad it is Friday.


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