Friday, September 7, 2007

My favorite thing of the day

So Dominic comes home from school (first grade) and I go through his backpack & find his work for the day. There's a sheet of paper that has a picture of a slide and a picture of a swing set. Dominic had to glue little square pictures of boys and girls onto the slide and the swings. Then he does the math on the next page.

__12__ kids are on the slide (he wrote in the number he pasted on)

__8__ kids are on the swing set (again, he wrote the number)

How many kids are on the playground all together?
(he wrote 20)

How do you know?
He wrote: "I cowented it."

As I was adding up the carbs for dinner tonight I was thinking, "Hmmm. I'm cowenting."



Shannon said...

Well how else would he have known the answer?! That's the best answer ever, LOL.

Naomi said...

He cracks me up. One day I'll write about the time he was caulking...

Shannon said...

LOL, that I've got to hear. I LOVE kid stories.