Sunday, September 9, 2007

Festival, Milady?

We went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. Oh, but t'was a glorious hot day for a faire. And what a crowd there was to be seen! I felt for the poor little children whose parents dressed them up in fancy faire clothes -- long velvet dresses and pretty head-dresses -- for the heat caused everything to droop and drag. I'm sure the soaked-in sweat added pounds to those garments. Still, the sight of a 2-year old child in full regalia sitting on a stump and chomping on a turkey leg is quite charming.

And yes, Daniel was able to eat at the faire; meat on a stick is quite free from gluten. The potatoes were fine, and there was plenty of diet soda around. He did go low, probably from walking around in the heat, but was able to care for it and enjoy the surroundings. He got a double-sided pendant, custom forged in brass.

Nora came home with a dragon on her shoulder and Dominic got a nice, wooden sword. Nora also had her fortune told -- a future fraught with tension and change. That was an easy reading -- tension and change is the very definition of middle school! In the second reading (more about her grown-up future) there was much talk of romance. I wasn't ready for that.

Although we always, ALWAYS have to take diabetes & celiac into consideration, it still felt like a day where we were able to focus on the event, not the disease. We always walk around prepared for disaster, so it is hard to let go of that, to not see everything through the diabetes/celiac lens. But we got away with it. For a little while.

See you on the morrow.

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