Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Brain Freezes & Thaws

Things I didn't do:

Mail the phone bill.
Call my mom.
Read the "Castle" book from Dominic's trip to the school library.
Talk to my husband about his interview.
Finish everything on my desk at work.
Clean 1 room today.
Water my garden.

Things I remembered:

Daniel's earlier shot on a school day.
How many carbs Daniel had for dinner (so he wouldn't miss the last 20).
What time Nora had her medicine and what her temperature was.
Daniel's class schedule (about a minute before the bus came).
Asking Dominic what happened at school & the names of his new friends.
To call Kathryn to see if she is okay.
To look at a few headlines to know what happened in the world.
To write, if just for a few minutes.


Kathryn said... reassure Kathryn that chocolate and chips are a perfectly reasonable response to icky playground politics--all while putting on a sports bra!

Shannon said...

LOTS to keep track of :) Heavy and light stuff.

Naomi said...

Kathryn -- Chocolate abuse is a perfectly reasonable response to most stressful situations! But I forgot to mention, at one of the many Labor Day Events, I encountered for the first time in my life chocolate covered potato chips. I think I finally found a chocolate I won't eat.

Shannon -- ha ha, heavy and light stuff, but mostly heavy after all the chocolate! No, actually, I didn't abuse chocolate. This time. Coffee, yes. Chocolate, no.

BTW, The pictures on your blog are beautiful!!!