Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Only Tuesday

First day of school was yesterday and all three kids instantly are under the weather. ???? How does this happen? Hello, here is your syllabus and a few million germs. Please don't wash your hands and be sure to rub your eyes a lot.

Trash cans in both kids' rooms are overflowing with ragged lumps of tissue and the humidifiers are sighing and gurgling a misty lullaby.

If I look out the window behind me, I can see a full, or nearly full moon overhead. The night is slightly cool & humid, it's the kind of moonlight that used to see me sneaking out of my house when I was a teenager so I could sit on the lawn and soak it in, feel its magic. Moonbathing.

Full moons on yoga nights mean restoratives. Stay full one more night, moon.
One more night for me.


Shannon said...

Murphy's Law with the sickness on the first day of school...gotta love it.

I got your email and you commented back to me correctly on your blog, LOL.

I'll add your blog to my blog roll.

I love that term "moon bathing".

Naomi said...

Luckily the sickness seems to be of the quick&dirty variety. No one had to stay home & we have only lingering sniffles today. Although cold medicine seems to spike Daniel's blood sugar even though there's nothing in the ingredients thats carby. Have you experienced that?

And now... I have to go figure out what "blog roll" means!

Shannon said...

There's a lot of sugar in cough medicine.

If you go to the pharmacist's counter, they usually have sugar free cough syrup.

Haha, blog roll is just a list of linked blogs that a person keeps on their own blog.

Naomi said...

Well, his numbers have been roller coastering, I don't know what is up. He took cold pills, not syrup. Weird!!

Thanks for the blog roll info, I'm learning something new every day here!