Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lazy Summer

Quiet in the house; loud in the street. Nora & Dominic are sleeping (or awake in their rooms, but staying very quiet) while the paving crew resurfaces the neighborhood streets. If the kids are asleep, I envy them their ability to sleep through the noise.

Matt & Daniel are off to work, and I am enjoying the calmness of the morning. The rest before requirements, the haven before the have-to-dos. I groused about not having a vacation this summer, but in an effort to focus on the positive, I am re-thinking that complaint.  The stolen hour or two with nothing to do but read -- that's a vacation.  The day spent knitting and watching shows on netflix -- that's a vacation.  Glorious moments spent writing, like a drink in the desert.

Upstairs, a door opens.  Footsteps.  Here come the have-to-dos, the responsibilities wrapped in hugs and smiles. Those long limbed, summer toasted children of mine are starting their morning.