Monday, October 26, 2009

Gluten Free Bagels

I saw a recipe for Gluten Free Bagels in the Living Without magazine. Have I said before that I think that's an awful name for a magazine? How about Gluten Free and Fantastic!!! "Living Without" is such a downer. Anyway, I'm home with a sick child today and found myself with some free time, so I gave the bagel recipe a try. They turned out pretty good, and were actually relatively quick and easy to make.

It called for a multi-grain flour blend that was mixed with salt, flax meal, egg replacer, yeast, and xanthan gum. The dry ingredients were mixed with warm water, oil, cider vinegar, and honey.

The mixture, when it came together, was like an extremely sticky dough. But it wasn't too difficult to handle. You let it rise, then boil it (that's what makes it a bagel!) and then bake it.

I also recently found a new cream cheese flavor in the grocery store -- spinach & artichoke -- which was a very happy discovery! Daniel slathered some of that on his bagel... and then on his 2nd bagel... and was a happy teenager.

I don't want to get in trouble with Living Without by reprinting their stuff without permission. If anyone wants the exact recipe, drop me a comment and I'd be happy to send it to you.


Tom said...

Thanks for blogging about us. We're thrilled that you liked the bagels and we're happy to share the recipe:

As for our name . . . some love it and others don't. We were looking for possible alternatives, but got tons of mail asking us to keep it as is.

Naomi said...

Hi Tom, thanks so much for your comment! The bagels were great; much better than the frozen GF bagels we bought in the past. My son said that this morning's toasted bagel was the best breakfast he has had in a long time. It's just so nice to have choices. I'm going to play around with the recipe so I can make his favorite cinnamon-raisin bagels next.

And as far as feelings about the name of your magazine, it is all subjective. It's just that I have found that since going gluten free, we've learned so much, and tried so many new foods, that we are actually living with MORE, rather than living without! :)

DMarie said...

I recently tried my hand at making these bagels as well. Love them - as do my 2 girls! And they were not difficult at all (was a bit worried at first - but it really wasn't hard). Bagels have always intimidated me - but not any more. I keep a store of these in my freezer.

Naomi said...

DMarie: GF bagels intimidated me too, because many years ago when I lived overseas and missed having bagels, I tried making them, and they just didn't work out that well. So I put off making this recipe for a while. Glad I did, though, because it wasn't that difficult, as you said!