Monday, May 25, 2009

Ravioli -- again!

So much to write about and so little time. When the school year is over, I plan to WRITE MORE!

Daniel and I had a go at making ravioli again. Thanks so much to my friend Leah who loaned me her pasta cranker -- brand spanking new -- with no gluten flour inside! I used it to roll out the ravioli noodles. Well... Daniel used it. He wouldn't let me touch it. "Mom, I'm good with machines!!" Well, I would be too, if you would let me have a turn!

Anyway, the ravioli was delicious, and so much easier than the last time when I hand-rolled it. It was tricky at first. When we first put the dough through the rollers, it came out looking almost shredded. But we patiently mashed it back together and put it back through, and after a few times it held together. Daniel would fold it and put it back in, repeat, repeat repeat, until finally it made a nice big flat noodle.

I was in charge of putting the noodle in the ravioli press and filling it. That was a little tricky too, with the GF flour. I had to be careful not to press too hard with the ravioli form or the dough would break. But I found that even if it cracked, I would seal up the crack with a little egg white before I cooked it, and the filling stayed inside. It was such fun! I'm going to get one of those cool machines!!

The ravioli ended up being about 5.5 carbs each, by the way.


mom2wendy said...

I am grandmother to Adalyne who is 5. She also has Type 1 and Celiac. She was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 2. Right before Christmas 2008, she was diagnosed with Celiac. This is the first blog that I have found (other than my daughters) that talks about both. Thank you so much. Please keep writing.

Naomi said...

Thanks for such a nice comment! You should also check out the Children with diabetes forum, which has a group for diabetic/celiac kids. Great place to ask questions and get information. Go to I've learned a lot from this group!