Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday we had friends over for dinner, wonderful old friends whom we haven't seen in a while, so that was lovely. However, a few minutes before I was going to sit everyone down, I got a phone call from the kids' dentist. We had been there earlier that afternoon. They said, "I believe I have a bag that belongs to you... it has glucose tablets and a small machine..."

"Yes! I need that! That's my son's diabetes kit. How late are you open?"

The lady told me that she would stay in the office until I got there. I looked at my old friends and told them that I had to leave them to go pick up Daniel's kit. They were wonderful, didn't mind staying with the kids, and even finished the prep for dinner.

I was pissed off, of course, because I had to leave my own dinner party. And worried that some day Daniel is going to leave his kit in a place where he can't get it back. We have extra glucometers, but they are not the ones that "talk" to his pump. Everything is replaceable, I suppose. It's just that various scenarios run through my mind -- usually going something like 'he leaves his bag somewhere on a field trip, and on the way home he goes low and needs glucose tabs.' Danger danger emergency emergency.

Has this happened to you? Have you lost your diabetes stuff and found yourself in a sticky situation? Have you had trouble replacing what you've lost? Do you only carry your diabetes stuff in your kit, or do you stuff it with other things, as my son does?

I suppose it is easier for women, because we are used to carrying things around in a purse. But what do all the guys do?


ccinnkeeper said...

Some months after my husband was diagnosed & placed on medication (and yes, I realize type II is different) he fell back into his old habit of not eating anything all day. He was on a job site and it just wasn't "convenient". Around three in the afternoon he got dizzy and light-headed and nearly passed out. He didn't, though, and was able to get some food into him before his blood sugar level crashed completely.

When he told his endocrynologist (sp?) about this incident at his next appointment, her response was "Good. Now you know what it feels like and you won't do that again."

My point is that although your son could suffer a life-threatening incident because he leaves his supplies somewhere, the likelyhood is that he'll wind up being fine and it will make him much more aware of having his stuff in the future.

As far as a way to carry his kit, he's going to have to figure out what works best for him. Probably in his backpack for now, I'm sure his style will evolve as he grows up. Check out Eagle Creek company, they make luggage and bags in many styles and sizes, the quality is excellent. Maybe you and he can find something he likes on their website.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the Eagle Creek recommendation. His kit now is okay, but starting to fray, so we're going to have to find a replacement. I'm sure his styles will change as he grows... but he does get tired of carrying a backpack around all the time. I told my husband we should move to Europe, where it is fashionable for the guys to carry their "man bags."