Friday, March 13, 2009

Bomb Threats & Health Threats

When Daniel calls me in the middle of the school day I start to twitch before I even open the phone. Usually it's the typical teenage "can I go to J's house after school" type thing, but I still get nervous. He called a few minutes ago to let me know 2 things. #1, that he was stuck outside for an hour because the school had a bomb threat. #2, that the empandas in his lunch were bad (moldy?!?!) and he couldn't eat them and had already bolused for them.

I wasn't sure what to address first! After a couple of false starts, I was able to put together a sentence. "Are you back inside school?" Yes. Then, "GO TO THE NURSE!" I reminded him that he had extra snacks stashed there. Then he tells me, "No, I ate those a long time ago."

This I did not know. Daniel never said, "hey, you might want to refill my snacks at school." Nor did I get a phone call/email from the nurse's office. And I don't like to complain (OK, I do, but not about them) because they are really very good with Daniel and have helped us so much with his rights in school, tending to the Type 1, and everything associated with diabetes & school. But this is frustrating.

I told Daniel to go to the snack machine and get a snickers, or peanut M&Ms. There's not much he can get from the candy machine because of his celiac, but those would be okay.

He said that the candy machines don't operate until after school lets out.

Then get something from the nurse! They will have something in the teacher's lounge!

I called the nurse's office and found out that Daniel did stop by and got 27 carbs worth of juice. His empanadas were 34 carbs. Pretty close... and he has sugar tabs with him. He also promised to stop by the nurse's office between classes and test again just to make sure he's okay.

I guess I have to put a note on my calendar to remind myself every couple of months to call the nurse & make sure all supplies are there. And remind my son to tell me if he finishes something... but he has a teenage brain so that doesn't always work!

After I hung up with the nurse, and was satisfied that Daniel was well cared for, then I started thinking about the bomb threat. This news comes on the heels of the paper that arrived home in my elementary school child's backpack this week -- that they had a code blue at school because they were informed of police activity in the area.

I live in a lovely neighborhood, a nice part of town. Where the hell do I have to go in this world where my kids can be safe at school? I'm sad about the rising violence, the threats to the kids. It's enough we have to fight these damned diseases to keep our kids alive.


It's 3 for 3.... got a recorded message from the principal of my daughter's school this afternoon. There was police activity outside the school at dismissal time, were 3 older kids were arrested.


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