Friday, February 13, 2009

Phooey Fluey I forgot

I was supposed to get a flu shot in fall; they were being given at my workplace for a nominal charge. I signed up for it, but the day came and I had a sick child and had to stay home. Then I forgot. How many times was I in CVS picking up prescriptions, where I could have plonked down my $20 and gotten a shot while waiting? Fuggetaboutit. I forgot.

Daniel did not get a flu shot this year, either. He should, as he is at higher risk for complications with his diabetes. I blame this one on lack of organization on my part. I was better able to keep track of all these things when I wasn't working full time. So I forgot.

This morning I took Nora in to the doctor's office, where we found out that she has the flu. Dominic was with us because we did a walk-in appointment on the way to dropping him off at school. The doctor said to Dominic, "Stay away from your sister!" I nodded, thinking about the scuffle they got into 20 minutes earlier as I was trying to get them to go into the car. Ugh. As we were leaving I thought, hmmm. I don't remember scheduling Dominic's physical back in January... So I checked with the nurse. It turns out that I forgot.

Luckily, I didn't forget to buy lysol the last time I was at the store. I've been spraying and wiping and praying and hoping that the flu stops with Nora.

Ginkgo, anyone?

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