Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bloody, bloody...

Maybe I should spit though my fingers when Daniel says, "I haven't had a bloody nose in a while!" Two in the past 24 hours. I blame video games. :) I might as well blame something, right?

I dropped Nora off at a birthday party today, and the mom of another of the party attendees stopped me to ask a question. She is someone I know from summers, from the our pool. Her niece was just diagnosed with T1... did I have any advice?

I thought those funny pool relationships. I don't know some of those people very well because I only see them a couple of months out of the year. But there are things that I *do* know. She's the one with the triplets. That's the guy in the messy divorce. She's recovering from cancer. She's the one with the diabetic kid. Oh... that's me.

When it comes to a scary disease, and the helpless feeling that accompanies it, I'm willing to talk to relative or complete strangers in search of answers and advice. Now that I've been through this terrible diabetes diagnosis with my own child, I'm certainly willing to be the person on the giving end of that conversation. The one who says, "You are not alone. Let me help you. We will get through this."

Thank goodness, once again, for our modern conveniences. Our cell phones and social networks, our blog sites and digital cameras. These are the tools we use to connect with people in similar situations, this is how we keep from drowning in fear. Although I may not find all the answers I seek online when asking fellow bloggers questions about diabetes & celiac, I always find a friendly voice, a companion on this journey, a light on the path. Sometimes, that's all the answer I need.


jules said...

i need to hear that today. "you are not alone" thanks naomi.

Naomi said...

You are NOT alone! Anytime, anywhere, Jules.