Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To School

It was very difficult to get up at 5:20 this morning after a couple of weeks of awakening *after* the sun. But the body falls into a rountine, from bed to shower to kitchen counter, and before I knew it I was making lunches in my semi-wakened state. I had a few days of distress leading up to the first day back. It's almost like preparing for a performance -- do I know all my lines? Is my costume ready? Am I "in the zone?" And although it was an extremely long day, the kids pretty much behaved themselves and seemed resigned to returning to rountine as well.

After school was over I went to the kitchen to wash out my mug. One of our first grade teachers was there getting some caffiene, and she commented on how tired she was and how long the day was and that she only got a few hours of sleep.

"Why?" I asked. I hoped she was feeling okay with all the yukky bugs going around.

"I was nervous!" She said. Even though she has taught for many years, she was nervous to get back into the routine after having a couple weeks off.

Oh, that made me feel so much better. I thought it was just me, as a first time teacher, lack of experience, first year nerves, going through this kind of stress. But it must be more universal than I thought. I am so much more at ease for tomorrow now.

In diabetes news... I emailed Daniel's nurse today because he has had quite a number of nosebleeds lately. I did some research on line to find out if there is some correlation between Type 1 and nosebleeds. I found other people asking the same question, but no answers.

Daniel's nurse emailed me back that there is no real connection. However... if your numbers are high, you get dehydrated, which can also dry out the nasal membranes. Of course the cold weather/dry houses can cause nosebleeds without any help from high bloodsugars, and the combination of the two probably makes things worse.

Daniel was running high over vacation. Food everywhere... but his numbers were normal all day to day -- probably because he is back into his routine. I hope the nosebleeds disappear as well. They are a little scary!


Colleen said...

Hi Naomi,
Have you thought about an humidifier for his room? We have a couple for our house and I find that it helps. I don't have nosebleeds but find that my nose/throat are both very dry once we turn on the heat.

Naomi said...

Hi Colleen! We actually have a humidifier attached to our heating system in the house, which helps a lot. I've put extra humidifiers in our rooms when the kids have colds or coughs. You're right, I should probably try one now! AND stabilize his blood sugar!!

Snackrifices said...

hey naomi. i started getting nosebleeds shortly after i was diagnosed. i still get them. i always figured they were par for the course with diabetes. makes sense about high sugars dehydrating nasal membranes. thanks for posting that, i'm glad i know now.

Naomi said...

Hey Ashley,
It's weird how I can't find any scientific connection between the nosebleeds & diabetes, but there is lots of anecdotal evidence. There must be something to it.

My word verification (since I haven't signed in yet) says "purse." Maybe I should go shopping?