Monday, December 22, 2008

Pink Panther

We've got a diabetic sick day going on. Daniel came down with the wicked stomach flu that has ravaged our household. I dug out the good old Pink Panther book, which so wonderfully explains what to do when ketones approach.

Daniel is hovering just over the range of normal -- he's been in the 140's all day, but has recently inched up to the 170's. His latest test for ketones found some in trace to small levels. So he just had some ginger ale with an insulin chaser, and we'll see what happens next.

As we've each gotten sick, we've all gravitated to a corner of the big green couch, curled into a comma shape, and covered up with a big, furry blanket. It must be the most comfortable spot in the house. I wish it had magical healing properties, too.


FeltFinland said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Daniel!

Penny said...

I hope he gets better soon. As I just told a family member, diabetes by itself is bad enough, but when you throw any kind of sickness into the mix it just makes things so much worse. I'm thinking about you guys!!

Naomi said...

Thank goodness today is better. He peaked in the very low 200s, but his ketones went away and he is starting to eat bland food. Phew! Thanks for all the kind words!!

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