Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wild and Tangled Grass

Wild and Tangled Grass
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I don't have the time I need to tend the garden and make it winter-ready. The decorative grasses said it best today: "I'm a bed of curly tangles, don't mess with me!"

As much as we are in a groove with Daniel's diabetes now, pumping smoothly, getting used to changes, it's still a 24/7 business. It figures into everything. I wonder how many hours are spent taking care of either Daniel's diabetes or celiac. Then I look sadly at my messy garden. I know where the time goes, and I know it is well spent. There is just not enough of it on any given day. I'm just glad to have a moment to post on D-Blog day!

When life throws curves -- when the washing machine breaks or a kid gets strep or work takes one parent or the other away -- time becomes even more precious. I multitask. Bake the gluten free muffins for church early in the morning and slip in some pleasure reading for 15 minutes while they bake. Work on my grade book while waiting at the urgent care clinic to check out Nora's throat.

We all multitask, juggle, prioritize, and let things slide. Lists are written and rewritten, and eventually thrown away. My heart started to stutter at the thought of the approaching holidays, the additional tasks, the traditions my loved ones expect to occur. And yet, and yet... there may be changes. I have to gracefully accept being happy with just doing what I can.

As for the garden, I'll let mother nature deal with it. It was hers to begin with.


k2 said...

Your amazing!
Happy D-BLog day!

Jillian said...

Happy D-Blog Day, Naomi!

FeltFinland said...

I could have written this post! My multitasking have improved considerably since becoming a mum and even more so with Aleksi's diagnosis!
We can only do so much and I know we do our best - I have learnt to prioritize!
Love Daniel's Goo sandwich - Aleksi would LOVE that!!!

Naomi said...

Multitasking is a requirement -- of diabetes, of being a mom, of our modern, overscheduled lives. But I also believe we must make time, SCHEDULE time for UNSCHEDULED time. Rest and relaxation. Or else we'll burn out.

Snackrifices said...

happy d-blog day naomi!

wicked post. we diabetics, or parents of diabetics (pods?) multitask better than anybody. :)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how one can find an old friend just by accident. I understand what you're dealing with; I was diagnosed as diabetic about 9 or 10 years ago. Who'd have thunk it?

Nice to find you out here. I do hope all is well.


Naomi said...

Hey Phil, long time no hear! Sorry about the D diagnosis. T1 or 2? Email me so we can catch up:
oagly1 at comcast dot net.