Saturday, November 22, 2008

Numbers numbers numbers

The latest A1c came back at 7.7. But that was right before Daniel got the pump, and his numbers were lousy. He was running high every evening without fail, and when we tried to mess with his lantus or dinner ratios, he'd go low either in the middle of the night or the morning.

Today Daniel remarked how his numbers had really been in range lately. We got the CareLink device that uploads his pump info to the medtronic website, so we can generate reports and check out his trends. Pretty cool. It's good to see his blood sugar moving back into range. Still some highs, but not as many. We seem to have gotten that evening high under control.

Knock wood.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I haven't even looked at my recipes yet. Delaying the inevitable. Also, my dad has been in poor health lately, and I'm praying that he will be will enough to join us on Thursday. I believe all will be well. I believe it strongly, because he is more negative, and I have to offset his thoughts.

I really enjoy Thanksgiving. The food is wonderful, and I love getting together with family and friends. I just wish I had an extra day off this week to prepare for the "Pie-a-palooza!"

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