Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Routines

The first site change at home went well. But then Daniel decided at dinner time to wait until after he ate to bolus, because he wasn't sure how much food he was going to have. Have you guessed what happened yet? Right. Forgot to bolus. 3 a.m. blood sugar check was not happy. Daniel felt like crap. We're all pretty tired now, but we'll get through it.

I ordered Daniel an "invisipump," so he could wear the pump inside his pants. He doesn't like it there, but I'm holding on to it in case he changes his mind later on in his life (job interviews, etc.). Mostly he puts the pump in his pocket and stuffs the tubing in his pants. We have long tubing now, but will probably order the shorter tubing as well to have around. When he was pumping with saline we had the short tubing. Daniel tried putting a site in the back of his arm, and about 10 minutes later yanked the whole thing out when he was outside playing around because the tubing was too short. Live and learn. At night he drops the pump into a sock and pins it to his pjs. I have to sew some pockets into them.

Last weekend we we went to Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. The weather, the trees, the colors -- it was all so beautiful. The only bad part of the weekend was that Dominic got pretty sick, but we went to an urgent care clinic and they set us up with antibiotics & prednisone, and soon all was well.

At one point Dominic was watching the birds flying to the bird feeder. Our friends suggested that he try to get the bird to eat out of his hand -- but only if he could sit very still. Dominic was determined. And finally, the birds trusted him enough (or were hungry enough) to take the food from his palm.

We did a couple of fun things before Dominic's fever spiked. There was an enormous corn maze with fun activities, yummy treats, hay ride, etc. Then we went to a store called Schoolhouse Earth that had a petting zoo. Spent all my quarters on goat food (although the goats were perfectly happy to eat the few remaining dandelions that I found on the lawn, and they were free). At night at there was a "haunted coaster ride" at the Wisp Ski area, and Matt took Daniel & Nora and waited in an incredibly long line for a quick ride down the mountain. I stayed in with Dominic, putting cold cloths on his head and dosing him with advil.

Time for sleep. That 3 a.m. blood sugar test comes way too quickly!

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Colleen said...

Wow, the Dominic and the birds photo is neat -
Sorry Daniel had a rough night, live and learn but jeez...