Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Resource

I am on a couple of list serves, and they have certainly served me will with great information. One bit of info that I'd like to pass on is a wonderful, free resource for nutrient-dense, gluten-free cooking. There are 2 free, downloadable cookbooks from the Vitalita Culinary Group (VCG). Just click on the link. I've started looking through the recipes and they look great. I'll probably have to do some shopping to pick up some of the specialty ingredients (chestnut flour? haven't seen that around) and may have to go online to get a few of them. Gluten free cooking can be an adventure.

We all know that kids can say the darndest things. I had lunch duty at school this week and I asked one of the first grade girls what she was having for lunch that looked so good. She said, "Well, we're vegetarians because my mom has diabetes."

I said, "Really? My son has diabetes, too!"

She said, "Then I guess you can't eat meat, either."

I left it at that. Better not to get into the specifics of diabetes (oh, is she type 1 or 2?) with a 6 year old girl, especially when she has only 20 minutes to eat her lunch.

I do have a friend whose T-1 diabetic grown sun decided to follow a vegetarian diet because he said it helped him to control his blood sugar. I wouldn't have too much difficulty going vegetarian; I'm mostly there right now. But for Daniel... well... that would be tough. I shouldn't complain though; he eats a healthy, varied diet. He just likes his meat.

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