Monday, September 29, 2008

Wiggle Wiggle

Daniel was on the phone in the basement last night when we heard, "HOLY CRAP! MOM! THERE'S A SNAKE IN HERE!" So of course we all go galloping into the room. Daniel jumped out and said that it went behind the dresser. My husband is yelling at everyone to get out of the room. I went to get a flashlight. I couldn't see anything under the dresser except an electrical cord. My husband asked Daniel what color the snake was. Daniel thought it was black.

"Are you sure you didn't just see the electrical cord?" he asked.

"Dad, I think I know what a snake is when I see one!"

Finally I see some movement under the dresser, and it's a tiny little garter snake. After some poking & prodding we trapped it with tupperware and got it outside.

Too bad. It could have eaten all the crickets!

The good news is that Daniel's pump arrived today! Woo hoo!

We will go through training next week, and are planning to do the pump start on the 15th.

I'll have to find some space to store all this stuff!


Major Bedhead said...

Set aside a closet. O has so many boxes of infusion sets that I'm thinking about giving them away.

Good luck with pumping! It's a challenge at first, but you quickly get the hang of it.

Jillian said...

Good luck! Pumping can be wonderful, but it does come with a whole new set of challenges. I'm sure you'll be able to get the hang of it in no time, plus you've got the entire OC to help you out!

Naomi said...

I might get a backhoe and clear out Daniel's closet for this stuff. But I'm scared of what I'll find in there.

I thank everyone in the OC in advance for putting up with all the questions & concerns that we'll be voicing soon. My biggest hope for pumping is that it takes care of the evening highs/morning lows thing that Daniel has going on.

Cara said...

Woo hoo on the pump part! :) I'm glad for you guys. :) It was like Christmas when I got mine. So much fun!!

Ashley said...

poor little snake, ousted out of his house!
congrats on the pump! you'll love it. keep us updated!