Friday, September 12, 2008

Time Flies!

What a week!

Monday is my busiest day at school, with 6 classes in a row (with one break for lunch and one 10 minute break in the afternoon). So by the end of the day I was tired. As I was driving out of the parking lot at school I felt a CRUNCH!! One of the high school kids was backing out of a parking space and hit me as I was driving by. No big damage, but certainly paint was scraped off. One more thing to take care of.

When I got home I got a call from Phil from Discovery saying that they'd really like Daniel to come and film a public service announcement instead of doing the online thing they had initially planned. But... the thing is... they were doing that TOMORROW. Was Daniel free at about 2:30?

My mind went into hyperdrive, and I started babbling. The thought process generally was that I couldn't take time off because I was already taking Thursday off to get Daniel to a doctor's appointment downtown and hmmm who will pick up Dominic from the bus, well maybe Nora but Nora has softball tryouts so who can I call? I tell Phil I will have to call him back and he said that's okay, he'll check around there to see what they can do, too.

I call around to a bunch of people to see if they can get Dominic from the bus stop, and no one is home to answer my call except my parents, and I found out that they would be downtown at a meeting. Phooey. Phil calls back to tell me that his asst. producer can pick Daniel up from school if that's okay. I say yes (figuring I'll find someone for Dominic) and we talk about release forms & wardrobe. All this is going on while I'm trying to get Dominic & Nora to finish their homework and get the table set for dinner.

Then I realized that Dominic's karate class was starting in 5 minutes. I had been on the phone for so long that none of us had eaten dinner. We skipped class, ate dinner, and then went to Baskin Robbins to order Nora's birthday cake. The Baskin Robbins is right near the Karate place. After ordering the cake I went over to the karate place, bit the bullet & signed Dominic up for after school care. Starting the next day. I figured that with Nora's softball and the after school clubs that Daniel wants to join, there would be many more occasions to panic over who would be there to pick up Dominic from the bus stop. Now it is taken care of.

When I finally got to bed around 11 that night, I realized that I had never called the parents of the kid who hit my car... Monday Monday.

Tuesday the filming went well. Daniel said it only took 2 takes for him to say his lines correctly. He loved the whole process of setting up the scene & filming it. I don't know how long it will take to put it together, but they are supposed to email us the final version when it is done.

Wednesday was Nora's birthday, with her favorite meal... pizza. Daniel had really good blood sugar numbers for a week... then BIRTHDAY. Pizza, ice cream... oh well. Get back on track.

Thursday we had our psychology pre-pump appointment. Talk talk talk talk talk and we're one step closer to pumping. Thursday night I joined weight watchers. I think I planned to do that back in January.

And now it is Friday. TGIF. Have a great weekend everyone!


Colleen said...

I'm tired just reading everything you've accomplished! In one week!!

kkonmymind said...

Wow, what a week! If anyone deserves a weekend, it's you!

Ashley said...

wow naomi! reading about your life story wears me out. daniel from youngdiabetics (where i get my diafeed) just got back to me, and he can't figure out how to get in touch with you via comment, must not have a blog or something. so, if you still want a diafeed, you can give me your email to give to him. my address is so you don't have to let everyone else see it.

i'm super excited for daniel! it's so cool that he gets to raise awareness in such a major way!

Cara said...

Don't forget to post it when you get it! That's so cool.
Oh, and when you said Monday, Monday all I could think is
"Monday, Monday (da da da da da da) so good to me (da da da da da da) Monda, Monday, it was all I hoped it would be." :D