Monday, September 22, 2008

Flying Time

Sure, I'm having fun. That's why the time is flying so quickly that I hardly have a moment to post. Can't even imagine doing one of those posting-daily-for-a-month things now. I guess I'm still adjusting to the full-time work schedule, but it's all good.

My crowning achievement last week was when all the kids in the kindergarten class (14 boys!!!) were sitting quietly at their computers, clicking away at their rhyming activity. It was quiet. I called their homeroom teacher over so she could witness... "LOOK WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!!!" It was like when Tom Hanks made fire in the movie Castaway.

The other big news in my life is that I bought a new vacuum. That might not seem like much to you, but my vacuum has been giving a half-hearted performance for a while and my house looked like crap, so this one makes me smile. It's a Dyson, and I do believe it could suck the paint off the walls (look out, Bumble the hamster!). Even the kids can't wait to get their hands on it because it is so cool.

Still on track to get our pump. We finalized the order today, and we're just waiting for the letter of medical necessity from the doctor. OH THESE THINGS TAKE TIME. Breathe in breathe out.

We're about to sit down for the premier of Heroes. Daniel has been counting down for weeks now! I'd love that flying superpower... but actually, I guess I'd prefer the healing one. For everyone with diabetes.


Cara said...

I agree that getting a group of kids to sit down and behave can sometimes feel like you have created fire in the middle of nowhere from nothing. :D

Major Bedhead said...

Ooooh, a Dyson. Niiiiiiiice.

Isophorone said...

If you threw certain spices across the room you would have "flying thyme."


Ashley said...

you got 14 kindergarten boys to be in control? and quiet? and good? all at the same time?

you are totally a superhero. when you get those powers, let us know!

Naomi said...

Actually, I have to bow down to all the homeroom/classroom teachers everywhere for their creativity & superpowers. I get their kids for a short time and they love coming to computer class because even when it is work it seems like play. Classroom teachers are amazing. Thank goodness there are people in this world who are willing and able to teach our children for hours every day.

Yes, the Dyson is niiiiiiiice. It is rather frightening to see how much gunk it pulled out of my rugs. And it has a 5 year warranty!!! If the thyme flies all over the floor -- NO PROBLEM!

That kindergarten class can be a handful, but they are cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!

Foodie said...

what kind of pump did daniel decide to use?

Naomi said...

Daniel's going with the minimed paradigm... I think it is the 722 but I'm not sure of the number right now.