Sunday, August 3, 2008


I get my laptop back tomorrow. Matt says I should have ditched it and gotten a newer model. But honestly, there are just too many bills to pay right now. I got a new hard drive, and I feel like I'm recycling. Yay!

We were out late last night at the ESPN Zone in DC, having a total blast. They were great about Daniel's celiac, too, I have to say. It was at a private event, so we didn't have to wait for food or games and the kids had a blast. I forgot my camera, but got a couple of pictures from my cell phone. I'll post those later.

Today we were all a bit tired. Snappish. Daniel and I got into a little tiff over summer reading assignments and other such nonsense. Then later we all went out to local Lake Needwood, rented a couple of boats, and went paddling around through the gorgeous afternoon. At one point Daniel and I were by ourselves in the paddleboat, and he apologized for being snappish.

The sun sparkled off the lake. The paddleboat squeaked, sounding like a rusty bird, as we slowly clunked and pedaled across the water. It was a moment to be supremely thankful: for the day, the lack of humidity, for the shared moments with my family, the bittersweet ache in my heart as I watch Daniel turn from a child to a thoughtful young man. I'm sure there will be moments like this with my other children as well, when they reach this turning time in their lives, when they become unrecognizable. And suddenly, as familiar as ever. I want to hold these moments forever, so filled with sharp wonder, with breathtaking, painful joy.


Teresa said...

Hi I left a comment for you on tudiabetes. I thought I would leave a post here in case you don't look at you tudiabetes page often. I am looking for some help. I was just diag with ciliac sprue and am very frustrated. Do you have any good advice and/or recipies. I havae been type 1 since I was 11 yrs old and my 17 y/o daughter was diag last year with type 1. I am thinkning I should have her tested for ciliac as well. I just need some help with what I can eat. I would apprciate anything you can offer.

Ashley said...

hey naomi. i'm answerin' your comment to me about my diafeed. email dan at and tell him you know me. he should be able to tell you how to do it. he had to give me the preschool version of the instructions, because i'm tech-tarded, so i can't help you. but you should get one, cause it's cool!! :)

Naomi said...

Thanks, Ashley! I hope it's a simple cut & paste!