Friday, August 1, 2008

Being Brainless Just Runs in the Family

Last weekend was my mom's 75th birthday. We had a family celebration with my parents, my brother, & his family. We had a great time, and surprised mom with a gi-normous new microwave. Her old one is... let's see... about 20 years old? So this one ought to heat that tea water pretty darn quick! Anyway, I baked a couple of chickens to feed everyone, my brother brought side dishes, and we had pound cake topped with peach compote for dessert. Yum! As I was cleaning up I thought I'd be frugal and smart and boil down the chicken bones into a nice stock. Sometimes I have trouble finding the gluten-free chicken stock, and I use a lot of it when I cook.

Later in the afternoon I took Nora to see Mamma Mia. Great mommy-daughter movie, and I'm so easily amused that it didn't matter that Pierce Brosnan wasn't the best choice for a singing leading man (although he's fine to look at) and Meryl Streep was over the top trying too hard, and somewhat campy. But it is a campy show. And my God, you could just turn the sound off and watch the scenery. I want to go there, where the movie was filmed (the Greek islands of Corfu, Skiathos and Skopelos). Spend the rest of my life looking at that view, eating feta cheese and kalamata olives.

Then came a crazy three days of training for my new job, getting children to camp, arranging for rides for kids for the times I couldn't drive because of training. Nora's art show, Daniel's sleepover, and Dominic's camp requirements slurped up the last bit of mental energy I had after the rest had been used in training. (Side note: While I was in Ellicott City, MD, training, I had lunch at a lovely little restaurant called Nora's Cafe. They were so sweet to give me a gift certificate for my daughter when I told them I had a Nora, too! We'll be on our way to enjoy the gelato there next week.) The busy time concluded with Wednesday night's much needed yoga class.

Thursday morning, finally refreshed, I surveyed the mess that was my kitchen. Emptied the dishwasher. Stowed silverware and other utensils. Wiped down the stovetop (something no one else in my house has figured out how to do, grrrrr). Wondered why the large stock pot was sitting out on the stovetop. OH MY GOD. The chicken stock.

I can't believe I'm writing about this! I had left the stock to cool before pouring it off into freezer containers. It was cool alright. Nice and cool as it went down into the garbage disposal. So I guess I can't complain about Daniel forgetting his lantus, because he comes by his memory lapses honestly. Perhaps I should pick up some ginkgo biloba when I'm out today. I'd better write that down...


Cara said...

It happens to the best of us! I have times that I will test my blood sugar and then forget to bolus before I eat! :)
I have also taken the milk out of the fridge, taken the lid off, and THEN decided to shake it up. And all over me, and the kitchen and the counters....

Naomi said...

Cara, that milk thing totally cracked me up! I drink soy milk, which often needs vigorous shaking. I've done the same thing!

Maybe testing and bolusing gets to be so routine, so mindless, that if you forget to do it, it's easy to forget that you forgot. Because you *always* do it. Right? Maybe?

Isophorone said...

Ah, yes, I know all too well the "shaken liquid that ends up on the counter or floor" thing. Believe me, it's better with food than with the stuff you have to spread around the lawn!

As for those who laugh, I tend to give them the "wait 'til YOU turn 40" look.

And thanks for the lunch. We still have to ask Wegmans about the "starch" in their potato salad.