Saturday, July 5, 2008


Diabetes doesn't take a vacation, but I do. Here on vacation my lovely, trusty little laptop died, just after I loaded 100 pictures into it and deleted them from my camera. *sigh* So I'm on a family member's computer, and will beg a friend for help with my dead laptop when I get home.

Diabetes has touched this vacation in ways other than our daily life. A family friend was hospitalized for blood sugar at 800+ (type 2) when her oral meds stopped working. I visited her, along with my mother in law. Hospital smells, hospital flashbacks, finger sticks & ivs.

I hope to be back online soon. Hope everyone had a lovely Independence Day!


Cara said...

I hope your family friend is doing better. Hospitals are no fun. The only place I dislike more are nursing homes. :(
And good luck with the laptop.

dae said...

I hope your friend is feeling much better, hospitals are no fun. Hope to see you back soon. :)

Ashley said...

oh dear. bummer that your friend is in the hospital. i hope she improves soon.

good luck figuring out the laptop...i hope you can recover the photos!

Naomi said...

Thanks everyone! Our friend is better and on insulin now for her T2. My laptop is still dead. I have to find a good computer doctor. I love the freedom of a laptop and use it more than the standalone computer. But beggars can't be choosers!

The Patients Voice said...


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Shannon said...

Hi Naomi!

I hope your break has been a good one.

I found this website and thought of you since it's a site for gluten free recipes and wasn't sure if you knew about it:

I just happened upon the peach coffee cake, but the other recipes look really good!

Naomi said...

Ooooh Shannon -- just in time. I just bought a huge pile of peaches at our local farm & need to cook up about half of them! Thanks!