Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We picked seven pounds of raspberries today and a few pounds of blueberries. Last year when we went to Larriland Farms the blueberries were enormous and practically jumping into the baskets, while we had to search under every leaf to fill a bucketful of ripe raspberries. This year we had the opposite experience.

I picked up a copy of "Living Without" magazine at my local health food store the other day, and they had a recipe for gluten free blueberry cobbler cake. I tried it out today and it came out delicious.

Whenever I see the "Living Without" magazine, I feel like calling them up and telling them to change their name. "Living Without" is so negative! How about "Living Well, Allergy Free," or "Delicious Alternatives," or something like that?

I made a no-bake raspberry pie as well. Also a funny name, because something DOES get cooked. I pulverized some Enviro-kids Amazon frosted flakes cereal and mixed the crumbs with melted butter to make a crust. I pressed this mixture into a pie plate and baked it for about 10 minutes at 350 to set it. Then I scooped about 3 + cups of raspberries into the crust. While the crust was baking, I made a glaze to go on top. I cooked sugar, water, and cornstarch over low heat until it got goopy, then added a cup of pureed raspberries and let it cook some more. The goopy glaze went over the berries and the whole thing chilled for a couple of hours in the refrigerator while we went for a swim.

Once we got back home I really went crazy and made spinach/fish croquettes for dinner. THEN finished up the evening with blueberry pie, which is cooking RIGHT NOW.

Stick a fork in me. I'm done.


Ashley said...

mmm naomi i love reading about your food... it makes me hungry for some quality meals! i'm reading and thinking, "i need to hire naomi to be my house chef...." haha

Naomi said...

I'm already cooking for 3 kids, what's one more? Come on down!

Jeff said...

Set another place for me, will ya?

You reminded me of when my folks would take my sister and me to pick blueberries when I was about 10 years old. I think it was called Adler's U-Pick up in Massachusetts.

Most of what we picked got eaten on the spot. They should have weighed us before & after, not the buckets!

Naomi said...

There was some serious eating going on at Larriland Farm, too, but I didn't feel so bad when I saw the kid working at the farm who was in charge of directing us to "our" bushes scarfing down a handful of blueberries!

dae said...

berries! I LOVE berries. and they are super blood sugar friendly stuff too. it's such a pity they are expensive here. those desserts look really, really, really tempting.

Naomi said...

I love going to the farm to pick berries because it's much less expensive than getting store bought ones!

There is one piece left of the raspberry pie. The blueberry cobbler cake is finished. The blueberry pie has 5 pieces left. The blueberry pie is a bit more tart than the raspberry (used less sugar) and it is so good that way! Better for the blood sugar and fantastic for the taste buds.

jules said...

oh i want soooome!!!! sounds deeeelicious

Shannon said...

I like the name "Delicious Alternatives". I agree "Living Without" is so negative. I think I'll try the recipe you posted!