Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a Mess!

Mea culpa. I've not been writing. When things are going wrong, sometimes it's better to sit and let them be for a little while before writing about them.

Okay, that's my excuse. I was just too tired.

First of all, the bank thing. We went to the bank and had the bogus ACH withdrawals to "Sprint" blocked. I'm checking the account every day to see if anything else happens, and if so, we'll get a new account number. Maybe we'll get a new one anyway, because this was just too upsetting. The bank promises to refund the stolen money within a few days. (Haven't seen it yet. Grrrr.)

Then there's the job thing. I've complained about my job before, I know. Well the kicker this week was the meeting on Tuesday afternoon where they told us that we wouldn't be getting paychecks on Wednesday. They are out of money.

I work in the office of a small, independent school. Some of the teachers at the school are lucky enough to have spouses who can support them or other sources of income. Some of them don't. So for the past couple of days, teachers have been dropping like flies. The lower school is safe, and those teachers will volunteer teach through the end of the year. But the middle and upper school teachers are leaving. Bills to pay. Mortgages. There are 2 full time and 1 part time teachers staying -- the full time ones have kids in the school. I said to my co-worker today that pretty soon we're going to turn into a one-room schoolhouse.

It's depressing, to say the least. I can't continue to volunteer, either -- I need to earn some money! I've got 2 interviews set up for next week and hope to have more prospects soon, just in case. But I also feel guilty about walking away. I know how hard it will be for the people who are going to stay through the end of the school year to deal with the day to day routine, to figure out the many, many things that those of us in the office attend to. I don't know that I'll stay past tomorrow. There's lots that I can take care of at home, where the pay is the same! It will save me some gas money, too.

Next week is the one year anniversary of Daniel's diagnosis. The week after that, my husband turns 50. An AARP card arrived for him in the mail today. He will NOT be amused.

That's about all I can blurt out right now. I *am* looking forward to the JDRF walk this Sunday, and to meeting Jillian.

Oh, and I did get a very nice phone call from the people at Pelikan Technologies after I left a question on their web site about dealing with insurance companies. It's nice to know that people read those things and are able to help out. He gave me the hcpcs number (a code for insurance companies) that should cover the lancets, so I will call Aetna back. When I have a moment to breathe.

Seriously, I'm done now. Good night!


Jillian said...

Ugh what a week. I'm sending my positive thoughts your way. I can't wait to meet you and the family on Sunday. I have to warn you that I've been told I don't make the best first impression, but I'll try my best not to be shy. Good night! Tomorrow will be a better day.

Naomi said...

So if I run up to you and scream, "JILLIAN!!!!" and hug you it would cause a bad scene? :-D

Jillian said...

I would probably attempt to go along with it while I freaked out internally.

Anonymous said...

i'm doing the walk on sunday too with my fam! hopefully i'll see you there! :)

['anon' bc i can't log on at work... there's always a way around it! haha]

k2 said...


Shannon said...

Lots of heavy stuff going on. I can see why you're so tired. I hope you get plenty of rest soon :)

Naomi said...

Jillian - I don't want to cause any freak outs, internal or external!

Jules -- I hope to see you there!

K2, thanks for the positive vibes. Very necessary these days.

Shannon, it's emotionally exhausting. I've got a couple of interviews next week though, so that should perk things up!!