Sunday, May 4, 2008


The weather forecast was wrong, and we had a beautiful day for the DC JDRF Walk!

Woke the kids early and got downtown just as registration was starting. Dominic quickly found the free food. He was complaining a little bit on the way downtown, but once he saw that nice people were handing out granola bars, then life was suddenly GOOD.

After registering & claiming our t shirts we walked over to the sign-making & kids activities. Nora made a Homer Simpson drawing on her sign, and at the end of the walk a lady came up to her and actually asked if Nora was going to keep it or if she would mind giving it away! Nora wanted to keep her sign, however.

Dominic & Nora played around on the bouncy horses while Matt & Daniel walked across the mall to check out some of the tents.

After an intro by local weatherman Bob Ryan and a warm up exercise, the walk began! We made it a little farther than the family fun walk, but not as far as the entire route. Dominic's legs just wouldn't go that far. Our method of getting him to keep going: insert granola bar, hold hand, tug. Repeat. After I don't know how many granola bars, he had to make a run for the bathroom in the Air & Space Museum with Matt. That's when Jillian called!

Amazing that of all the places on the big National Mall, she was only a block or so behind us on the walk! Her group caught up with our family as we waited on the bench, and then we had our photo opportunity. Jillian and her group looked like they were having a great time as well. What a bunch of sweet kids (and mom!). Then they went on their way while Nora, Daniel & I waited for Dominic to finish his... business. I forgot to ask Jillian if she ran into anyone else from the OC on the walk! Did you?

Then we walked to the finish line & headed for the car. At that point Moe's restaurant was dishing up lots of free lunch food, but we stayed away because of gluten issues. Drove home where Matt made the most beautiful frittata you've ever seen... but you can't see it because we ate it before I could get a picture. We were that hungry. Except for granola bar boy, who couldn't eat a thing.

It's been a great day. Now the laundry is in the machine, shrimp is thawing, and we're getting ready for the school week. I'm making lists and lists -- all the things I need to do with my newly found free time.


Jillian said...

I'm so happy the weather turned out so nicely. I'll definitely have to get there earlier next year to enjoy the pre-fest. Unfortunately I didn't see any other OCer's. Hopefully we'll have the chance to see each other again before next year's walk.

Ashley said...

wow! it sounds like you had SO much fun! i'm kicking myself because i was just in maryland...i could have kicked a soccer ball and hit the DC Walk.

i want to go to the DC one one of these years, i've heard the best reviews of it. :)

Naomi said...

Jillian, I kept looking for your team's pink shirts because I saw them on d365 so I knew I would recognize them! I'm glad we found each other.

Ashley, I wish I had known; you could have joined us! Where in MD were you?

Colleen said...

Yay Naomi and family!

jules said...

Oh no! I totally saw that sign!! It made me giggle :) Walked right by each other and didn't even know it! We got to the walk about 5 minutes late because we took the metro and the email we got told us to get off at the wrong stop...

Shannon said...

I'm glad you and Jillian got to meet and that it was a good walk for everyone. It's fun when it's made into a family/friend event.