Friday, May 30, 2008


Me: Do you want a smoothie for breakfast?

Dominic: Do you have papaya?

Me: Yes. I have papaya, banana, strawberries, blueberries...

Dominic: Just papaya. And the other stuff you put in the smoothies. In the special cup.

The special cup. What does that mean today? In this instance it was the tupperware version of a martini glass. Some days it is the tall skinny glasses with the polka dots. I no longer have to cross my fingers and hope to guess correctly, though. He uses his words.

When Dominic was two or three, he would bounce down the stairs to breakfast, all smiles and good cheer. I'd set him out a bowl & spoon and bring his favorite cereal to the table, only to see him crumple into a desperate, tearful, hitched-breathing, inconsolable creature.

What? What's the matter? What?

45 minutes later: I wanted a different spoon!

Dominic. A work in progress. Aren't we all?


Lili said...

Oh no! My brother used to do that and drive me out of my mind. My sister (a year younger), never one to be left out, started doing it, too, so that they would both be going at the same time! Sometimes they'd want the same spoon or plate!

Shannon said...

I thanked the good Lord the day my kids began using their words. And even then words escape them when I give them the wrong thing!!

Ashley said...

haha this story is cute and reminds me of my younbgest nephew. he insisted on eating with the baby spoon that my mom got free from somewhere with my brother's name engraved on, and if he couldn't find it he'd turn into a wet noodle on the floor.

the diafeed...haha someone else did it for me, i'm waaaay too technologically inept for that. it's a new thing, still being tweaked, but i can send him your way if you want!

Cara said...

Ah, the baby steps. Aren't the wonderful? Progress is always a good thing!