Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Laugh of the Day

Nora is rehearsing for the show “Bye Bye Birdie,” and the kids in the cast were all supposed to find telephones to use for their props for the telephone song. I don’t have any extra phones hanging around, so I ordered a cheap, old-fashioned rotary dial (wicked heavy) phone off of eBay. We actually plugged it in, and it works fine.

I thought that for the early rehearsals all Nora needed to bring in was the handset part. So I showed here where it unplugged.

“Oh,” she said, “if I take that out does it then go to speakerphone?”

That was my laugh of the day.


kkonmymind said...

haha...that's very funny. kind of like when i picked up my nephew in my father in law's car, which is a 1974 mercedes something or other with crank windows. he had no idea how to open those windows...:)

Ashley said...

haha! my parents still use that phone, from the bell telephone company, free with the service.

i love that they are old fashioned. gives me great stories. like...when i took driver's ed, first time i got in the car i asked where the clutch was..:)

Naomi said...

I used to have stress dreams where I would be using the rotary dial phone and my finger would slip so I wouldn't get the number I wanted and it kept happening over and over... AAAGHHGHGH!!

Shannon said...

It's so funny how far removed our kids are from what was so familiar to us.

When Brendon was in Kindergarten, he saw his pediatrician for his yearly checkup. He had to identify different pictures of objects on flash cards. One of the pictures was a rotary phone and I knew he'd have trouble with it. He couldn't identify it, LOL.

I explained to the nurse that he doesn't recognize that because phones don't look like that anymore and then it dawned on her, LOL.

in search of balance said...


dae said...

Nora is adorable! That made me laugh.

Adam Greene said...

fantastic comment! That is definitely worthy of being the laugh of the day. I'm still giggling under my breath. ;)

I used to be the tech-head in the family, but now I'm finding myself being eclipsed by my young 10 year old cousins; they are just sponges for this sort of stuff!