Thursday, April 10, 2008

He Does What He Wants

Dominic has some very definite ideas about things. He certainly is creative when it comes to utensils. Here he is eating his soup with a straw. Doesn't matter that the little bits of pasta & carrot fly up the straw at supersonic sucking speed only to be lodged in the back of his throat, precisely at the gag reflex spot. I think that only makes the experience more fun.

He eats his pancakes with a spatula. *sigh*


Shannon said...

LMAO. I love it. He's such a cross between Jacob and Brendon.

Ashley said...

i still do that sometimes with chicken and stars. a few weeks ago we were out of spoons (i'm such a college student) and rather than washing one i grabbed a straw and relived a gaggy memory from childhood. :)

jules said...

that's great! gotta keep eating interesting!! hehe

k2 said...

VERY Interesting -
FYI - I drink my Dunkin Donuts coffee with a straw!

Naomi said...

My daughter drinks her hot tea with a straw. I think she is trying to protect herself from burning her lips. ?? Maybe.