Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Amazing Sky

The amazing sky
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When I was a kid I lived on the east coast of Florida for a short time. I have clear memories of amazing sunsets, and I would sit and count the colors in the sky -- blue, pink, green, purple, orange, gold. The dramatic turns of weather would cause achingly beautiful twists of light, my favorite being the bright sunset just after a dark thunderstorm.

Last night's sky reminded me of that. We had no pre-sunset storm. And here in the DC suburbs we rarely have dramatic sunsets. But on the drive home from Daniel's Coming of Age ceremony (that's another blog post) I was kicking myself that the camera was in my husband's car. I could barely perform such a mundane task as driving when surrounded by such beauty. By the time I got home & got the camera, the light was fading and all that remained of the glorious spectrum we had witnessed were the purples & pinks underneath the clouds. But there were wide fields of gold, streaks of clear green, and poppy-orange contrasting with the dark gray.

It was one of those moments when the magnificence of the natural world sweeps away the worries of the day. It puts life into perspective.


Jillian said...

We were on the road too, and of course I didn't have my camera! We all just looked out the window with a collective wow.

Ashley said...

mmm how beautiful! our sky up here was yellow... like scary tornado yellow! i'm jealous of your sky! hehe