Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Look Around

I look around and see half-inch specks of tinsel in the living room and the front hall. I vacuumed every bit of tinsel after Christmas, and yet there are new pieces appearing every week. I think they laid eggs, and baby tinsel are starting to crawl out. I wonder if there will be a swarm.

Yesterday before I went to sleep I cleaned off the kitchen counter. I took the kids' books and put them in their chairs in the kitchen so the kids could put them away. I went through my paperwork and filed it. I put away the boxes of crackers and the empty glasses.

This morning the kitchen counter was full of stuff again. It is a stuff magnet. At night while we sleep, random stuff from all over the house congregates on the kitchen counter. It gets confused there, perhaps drinks some wine, and then can't find its way back to its proper place.

Daniel thought dinner smelled like shit tonight. And it did, except that it wasn't dinner. It was the bottom of Nora's shoe. She stepped in some particularly pungent, hay-laced shit while playing this afternoon. She walked across the playroom rug with her shoes on, washed her hands well at the kitchen sink, and sat down at the table with incredibly stinky shoes. We told her to take off the shoes & put them in the garage and then sweep up the chunks of shit that fell off of her shoes under the table.

Now the broom smells like shit.

Daniel's dinner numbers have been high. high HIGH HIGH. We've tinkered with basal & bolus rates. We have to call the pen nurse tomorrow. I don't know how to fix this stuff.

Last night we went out to dinner. The waiter looked at Nora, who was wearing a pink turtle neck covered by a pink & purple poncho with a fun fur trim & asked "what is he having for dinner?" HE? Yes, her hair is short, but not too short. She's actually growing it out now. She even let me blow it dry and fluff it up. She wears earrings. She's in fuzzy pink for God's sake!!! Why do people look at her and say "he?" It drives me crazy. Last year, when she got her hair cut so short and wore her usual tomboyish clothes, I could understand, even though it still made me mad. But when she makes an effort, when she puts on pink & fluffs her hair, the whole stupid world should see that she's a SHE.

How can it possibly be Sunday night? Work? Tomorrow? I haven't finished the laundry!! I haven't read enough blogs, I haven't cooked an extra meal for the week!! I can't find where Daniel put the dusting spray it's past bed time and the kids are still awake the Ctrl key keeps popping off and I can't finish writing


Shannon said...

LMA-OFF at Nora tracking shit into the house! We also have a mess magnet on our kitchen island. I clear it off and somehow stuff lands there out of no where. I don't know how to make it stop.

Good luck trying to find a good basal-bolus balance (say that 5 times fast).

Nora is a cutey! People can be stupid. Jacob used get mistaken for a girl when he was wearing what was clearly boy clothes and his hair was super short.

And finally, spaetzle isn't so difficult to make although it is a lot faster to dump a ready made box of pasta into the water all at once!

Naomi said...

Nora is a cutie! I told her that pretty soon, as she gets into teen years, that NO ONE will mistake her for a boy because her body is going to change. She responded with a big "EWWWWWWW."

Jillian said...

I'm laughing at your use of the word shit. I though Shannon and Julia had the cursing mom blogger thing covered. Poor Nora, people can be so oblivious to what is right in front of them.

Naomi said...

Oh my God Jillian, you wouldn't believe how bad it smelled! It must have been donkey shit or pig shit or something. Although where Nora would pick that up in the neighborhood is beyond me!!

It had HAY in it!

Penny said...

Stuff crawls out of my kitchen cabinets at night and makes it's way onto the counter. It thinks it's funny. I don't.

Naomi said...

I have to get the counters clean. My in laws are coming next week. The counters are exploding with paperwork. AGHGHGHGH!!