Monday, March 24, 2008

Field Trip

Daniel is going to Boston on Friday on a field trip with his church class. It's a whirlwind Unitarian weekend, visiting many Boston/Unitarian sites. My husband is one of the chaperons.

I'm nervous! I won't be there! Yes, my husband is going, I know. But his internal alarm doesn't go off at blood sugar testing times. I told Daniel yesterday that he really has to step up and take responsibility for setting alarms, remembering to test, not losing his testing kit.

I called the airline, and the customer service agent was very helpful. We've never before had to deal with carrying medical supplies on trips. If anyone has any tips/suggestions, I'd certainly appreciate it. He will also be carrying some gluten free breakfast bars/power bars in case there's any delays and he needs food. And, of course, pockets full of candy. I have also been online researching gluten free choices in the Boston & Quincy Market areas.

It is so hard to take my sticky fingers off the controls. It's like the whole damned world would just stop spinning if I stopped juggling for a few minutes. Yet... I'm also going to have 3 days where I won't have to check my watch, nag about blood sugar testing, check the travel kit, prepare the gluten free stuff.

I'm going to go wild. I'll turn off that alarm clock...

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