Tuesday, March 4, 2008

alice in wonderland cupcakes

alice in wonderland cupcakes
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I found this on flickr from "hello naomi" (no relation) . Don't you just want a cupcake?

I heartily appreciate this person's foodart. I'd never have the patience to stay up all night creating these. But I'll take a light blue one, please, with a strong cup of coffee.


Shannon said...

I'd eat those from the bottom so that I don't ruin the decorations. All that work to have it eaten and digested into mush.

Allison said...

Hi Naomi,

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading through it---and as a cupcake lover, those cupcakes look AWESOME! Just wanted to delurk as I'm in the DC area too (the VA side!)

:o) Allison

Anonymous said...

The cupcakes look fabulous -- I feel lucky if I get to the store to buy pre-decorated stuff, much less making gorgeous confections like these.

Does the food post mean that Dominic is better and that he hasn't shared his malady with the rest of you, I hope?

Teri (from grad school)

I read your blog daily, BTW, I'm just a terrible correspondent. I promise to write back soon.

Naomi said...

Oh how cool! My internet connection has been down all day and I just got it back to find lovely comments! :)

Those cupcakes are divine. That flickr site sent me on a journey last night through other cupcake sites (I just think it is incredible that there are sites devoted to cupcakes) and I stared, slack-jawed, and the sugar art.

Shannon, I think I wouldn't mind eating them and turning them into mush as long as they taste good. It would be a shame if they were so beautiful and tasted nasty. We got some Christmas cookies in the office in Dec. that were gorgeous flower cookies on tall sticks in a lovely arrangement -- but the lovely frosting, as my boss declared, tasted like tires.

Hi Allison! Thanks for de-lurking! Did you read the article in the Post the other week about an incredibly popular cupcake shop in Georgetown? Cupcakes are the in thing, I guess.

And HI TERI!!! Dominic is better. He was better by that evening, eating everything in sight and then running outside & climbing the trees. That post is coming later. I can't believe I shared a water bottle with him the day before the vomit fountain, and I didn't catch it. Lucky this time. I hope you and your family are well, many hugs and kisses!! :) BTW, did you see Betsy & Shep's web page w/the pirate ship in their living room?

snackrificialoffering said...

Hi Naomi - It's Ashley from D365. Those cupcakes look so good it's satisfying just to look at them! I've been reading your blog for like a week.. so I guess I'm de-lurking too. :)


Naomi said...

Hi Ashley! I have to add your blog to my list, too.

Thanks for de-lurking! Now I have to go lurk on YOUR blog! :-)

jules said...

oh my goodness those look so yummy!! i would eat them all if they were in front of me right now! haha

dae said...

Pretty pretty cupcakes! I tried to comment before but apparently it hasn't shown up. Oh well.

I'll have a pink one with a butterfly on it. Or the wicked purple one screaming "eat me". Cupcake, your wish is my command!

Naomi said...

Dae, that's happened to me before to, where I've commented and it doesn't show up. For a few days last week no comments were being sent to my email either. Something weird was going on!