Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Front Teef

OKAY, Mr. Orthodontist Man... we made some room!! Start planning your invoice now!

Those other two on the top that you can see -- they are loose, too. Yikes!


Jillian said...

I know this look. I had it for my first grade school pictures except, the bottom two were gone as well. Such an unfortunate look.

Naomi said...

Unfortunate yes, but the first grade kids absolutely love it!

I think he looks a little vampire-ish!

Shannon said...

Jessica's two front teeth have been missing since October and nothing has popped through yet. She won't even smile for the camera.

Naomi said...

Shannon -- awww! I'm sure Jessica is adorable without those teeth! I think the kids sound so cute too, when they are trying to talk that way. Is Jessica 6 or 7?

One of Dominic's grown up teeth is already through.