Monday, February 11, 2008


I went to Dominic's church class on Sunday because they were doing a segment on birth and what it is like to be a big brother or sister. When Daniel and Nora took this same class they had the experience of becoming a big brother & sister, so they had lots of stuff to share with the class. Dominic doesn't have that experience. So I was surprised when after they watched the little movie and the teacher asked for comments about being a big brother, Dominic raised his hand.

"I know how diabetes is like having a new baby," he said.

"Oh?" asked the teacher. "Tell me how."

"My mom has to get up at three in the morning to give my brother a shot and feed him. That's like getting up for a baby."

The teacher said that she couldn't agree more.

Okay, Dominic got some of the specifics wrong, but he hears what's going on in the house. Our latest middle of the night low involved me making a 3 a.m. omelet for Daniel. There was no shot, but Daniel did test his blood sugar a few times.

It's just incredible what goes through little kids' heads.


Chris said...

They sure are profound arent they!
I love those kinds of posts thanks for sharing.

Naomi said...

Kids are amazing. There's so much going on inside their brains. I think that's why they have tantrums, sometimes!! :)

Cara said...

I love hearing stuff like this. Kids are so much fun. And usually right on!