Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm always tired on Thursdays because Wednesday is my busiest day. Work, the after school rush, karate, yoga. I stay after at yoga to clean the studio and get home late. Sometimes I retain enough relaxation to fall asleep, sometimes I get a second wind from cleaning the studio and driving home so that when I get home at 10:30 or so I need a few minutes to settle back down again. Such was the case this Wednesday. When I got home the house was already quiet. Matt didn't wait up for me this time.

I don't know what it is like for the rest of you out there, but I find that I sleep better when I can fall asleep before my husband does. It's not a snoring thing -- although he does snore when he is congested, but that wasn't the case on Wednesday night. But I was listening to the noises of the world, from close in (his breathing) to the wind barreling through Maryland that night, the ticks and clanks of the heat going through the ducts, the occasional shifts and sighs of children sleeping. My brain would not turn off.

This made Thursday a slogging, cracked-lens kind of day. The end of work couldn't come fast enough, the "finish your homework brush your teeth get to bed" was a top priority for the kids. I wanted to finish the last 2 chapters of a book Daniel had given me to read so he could return it to his school library. Daniel was trying to do some song rearrangement/loading via my laptop onto his ipod. I did remember to pull him away from the computer long enough to give him his Lantus shot. I did not notice that he didn't test his blood sugar before going to bed. Just one of those little omissions that happen over time, the psychic weight of which add up in my head. What am I forgetting today that can lead to consequences tomorrow? Next month?

2:45 a.m. "Mom, I think I'm low." Check. 53. Daniel gets ravenous when he is low, and at the same time unsteady, with clouded thinking. At 3 a.m. he'd rather not attempt gas stove usage, so I made him an omelet, thinking, as I always do, "how will he deal with this when he is grown?"

I logged his blood sugar number in the book and saw then that he didn't have a bed time number written down. I checked the meters. No record. I said, "maybe we would have had an indication that this was coming if you had tested?" He didn't agree, reminding me of middle-of-the-night lows that happen for no reason. Then I remembered.

The new elliptical. Daniel had a good workout last night for the first time in a few weeks, since his gym class ended in January. His blood sugar responded accordingly, at a most inconvenient time! So we live, we learn, and we'll figure out how to prepare for a good night's sleep after exercise. Does anyone out there have any experience with this?


jules said...

i exercise just about everyday... except for last week when i was too sick and got winded climbing the stairs... but i make sure to eat something that's high in protein afterward to keep my sugar more stable throughout the nite... but as with everything d sometimes i go low anyway. milk and yogurt are also good at keeping blood sugars up for longer periods because of the high fat content.
have fun with the elliptical it's my favorite!

Jillian said...

I wouldn't ask him diabetes questions when he's low, because the answer is going to be clouded. You're probably both right. I've gotten into a lot of arguments with my mom this way. As for the exercise. If it's planned and after a meal, consider making a slight adjustment to his bolus ratios in anticipation of the exercise. If it's not planned, I'd go with Jules a high protein snack and just be sure to keep an eye on the numbers for a few hours. After a few times if it's a consistently one type of exercise you should be able to figure out what his body does and work from that. I hope that makes sense.
As for the sleeping bit, I have zero suggestions. My sleeping pattern and internal clock are wired all wrong.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the help, Jules & Jillian! I wish I could get Daniel to drink more milk, but he's not really a fan. He does eat cheese though, so that should help.

Jillian, ha ha, you are right, not only did the low contribute to the clouded answer, so did the fact that it was the middle of the night. Not too much was making sense and the kitchen light was waaay too bright.

I'm a light sleeper. I've always envied those who can just sleep through anything!!

Cara said...

Mother's worry. I'm very sure my mother thought, and probably still does think, about how I deal with diabetes living on my own.
Hopefully, by the time your son is old enough to live on his own there will be a cure and we won't have to worry anymore!