Wednesday, February 13, 2008

33 Minutes, Baby!

I made it to 33 minutes on the elliptical today. Woo hoo! I set it for the weight loss program and pedaled away while Nora was watching Jeopardy. I figured I'd be able to go about half way, because I've only gone for 10 or 11 minute stretches so far. But I just kept thinking about work, and kept pedaling away my frustrations relating to my job, and before I knew it there were only 10 minutes left on the program! I took a one minute break, then kept on going.

I'm in a job where I work with wonderful people, but don't like the work that I do. I've started scanning Craig's list every few days and checking out the local papers for new opportunities, but I feel obligated to stay in my position through the school year.

Unless Johnny Depp asks me to fly to some exotic location to work on his next movie. Then I'm outta there.

By the way, I took this quiz that I saw on Jillian's blog. Try it!! Hey, Jillian, I'm just like you! Breakfasty. Great adjective.

You are breakfasty, like a pile of pancakes on a Sunday morning that have just the right amount of syrup, so every bite is sweet perfection and not a soppy mess. You are a glass of orange juice that's cool, refreshing, and not overly pulpy. You are the time of day that's just right for turning the pages of a newspaper, flipping through channels, or clicking around online to get a sense of how the world changed during the night. You don't want to stumble sleepily through life, so you make a real effort to wake your brain up and get it thinking. You feel inspired to accomplish things (whether it's checking something off your to-do list or changing the world), but there's plenty of time for making things happen later in the day. First, pancakes.


Jillian said...

Oh Yay we're time twins! Good job on the elliptical. I'm sorry to hear about your work frustrations. I hope you can find a solution that you are happy with. Good luck!

jules said...

"I'm 3:15: I am the moment school lets out, the freedom after the last bell rings, I am my own schedule."
i'm not so good in mornings! haha
good job with the elliptical! :)

k2 said...

You are an Elliptical Rock Star!
I really like your blog and plan on being a regular reader!
Kelly K

Naomi said...

Jillian -- time has a way of making everything better! Thanks!

Jules -- you sound like my daughter. I'm sure she'd be the 3:15 girl!

Kelly -- it's so nice to meet you! Thanks for the rave review! :)