Monday, January 7, 2008

Motor Mouth

Dominic just turned 7. He is, and has been since the womb, a force of nature. He was actually twins, but at about 8 weeks I lost the other twin. My theory is that Dominic, in utero, delivered one of the karate kicks that he is now practicing in class. "Hi-YA! Don't crowd me!!"

So he had his annual check up today. He asked everyone he possibly could if he was going to get a shot. Last year when he had to have a vaccine, we practically needed a straight jacket to keep him still. I thought that maybe watching Daniel give himself shots every day without writhing in pain would have allayed his fears, but no such luck.

Dominic was lucky today. No vaccine, no TB test. He will have to have a blood draw at the lab later to test for celiac, but not TODAY. Once free from that fear, he was free to talk. And talk. He told the doctor everything under the sun. And as usual, when he talks about his brother, he says, "Daniel has diabetes. And celiac. It's really bad. He has to have shots and test his blood sugar and he can't eat gluten. Do you know gluten? He can't have the stuff I have. He has to look at a lot of blood."

He did that the other day to the guy who came to the door soliciting funds for US Pirg.

He tells grocery clerks. Teachers. Everyone. You.

Diabetes/celiac is obviously something he thinks about quite a bit. So recently when he said that when he grows up he's going to be a scientist, I asked if he was going to try to figure out how to cure diseases.

"No. I'm going to build hovercrafts. And robot arms and legs. And these nails that will come out above and below your eye so that if your eye falls out it will stop it from falling out and pop it back in."

No plans for a cure here. But if your eye ever pops out, you know who to turn to.

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Sister-in-law said...

I did love yesterday's phone comments about how "awesome" he is in math, and yes, the sweet comments about the gluten-free pumpkin pie that Daniel could eat, too.

My eyeballs feel safer already!