Saturday, January 19, 2008


I know there are lots of wonderful organizations out there helping people with diabetes. One of these organizations is AYUDA. I have been reading about AYUDA on Jules' blog for a while now. Jules volunteers with them and has done some amazing work helping underprivileged kids with diabetes!

AYUDA is hoping to win $50,000 through a Parade Magazine contest. To win, they need donations. Go to this link and donate if you can, whatever you can. Because it is the organization with the most donors, not the largest donations, that wins. There are lots of diabetics out there who have resources who can make a difference for other diabetics with practically nothing.



Cara said...

The very funny thing is that my friend that I am going to visit, used to live in Silver Spring. I actually have pictures of the letters that are on the side of the road that say Silver Spring. How funny. I may have passed you at some point and not even know it!

jules said...

Thank you so much for posting this!! :)