Sunday, January 6, 2008

Amylia's Meme

Thanks to Amylia for the meme!

Age at my next birthday:
(the CD/MP3 generation might not recognize a 45!)

A place I'd like to travel:

A favorite place:

A favorite thing:

A favorite food:

A favorite color:

A favorite flower:

The city I live in:

The name of a past pet:

My Cosmo was furrier but had just as much bite.

Nickname I've had:

College Major:

First Job:

Hope for 2008:

1 comment:

Jillian said...

I have to admit, without your clue it would have taken me a while to figure out what that record symbolized. Dahlias are gorgeous flowers. I had a whole series of photos of them from my mom's garden, but unfortunately most were lost with the crashed hard drive. I love these little glimpses of everyone, it's a great way to learn a few new things. Thanks for sharing.