Friday, January 11, 2008

All the Money in the World


Dominic said, "If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy parts to make stuff for my hovercraft." (He's planning on being a scientist when he grows up, with a concentration in hovercraft technology.) "I'd build the biggest and best hovercraft. Mom, what would you do with all the money in the world?"

Mom: "Well, after I got my own island, I'd probably give the money to doctors and researchers so they could find a cure for diabetes & celiac."

Dominic: "Mom! What if you gave them all your money and they still couldn't find a cure?"

Mom: "I'd still have to try. I think diabetes is a terrible disease."

Dominic: "But Daniel controls his blood sugar so he's okay, right?"

Mom: "Yes, but sometimes some people with diabetes do everything right, everything they are supposed to do to control their blood sugar and their body still has problems because of the diabetes. Diabetes can make other parts of your body not work so well."

Dominic: "What parts of your body?"

Mom: "Do you remember when Daniel had to get glasses? That's when his blood sugar was high, before we knew he had diabetes. High blood sugar can change your eyesight, and even make you go blind. It can affect your heart and your nerves."

Dominic: "Can diabetes make you death?"

Mom: "Well, diabetes can lead to death, but only if it gets really really really bad. Daniel is not like that."

Dominic (pointing to his ear): "No, can it make you death? Can it change your earsight?"

Mom: "Oh, 'deaf.' No, it won't do that."

Dominic: "Well, I'll give some of my money to the doctors. But I still want enough to build my hovercraft."


Sister-in-law said...

This gave me a much-needed smile when I read it. (Not that diabetes and celiac is funny, of course.) Did he already forget about his commitment to the eyeball technology ?

Naomi said...

I think eyeball technology falls under the general realm of "scientist," so we might be okay.