Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Quick Note

I wonder sometimes how a week can go by and I don't have 15 minutes to sit at my computer and think about the day, or to check in on OC friends & dip into their lives for a moment. These quiet times, brief though they may be, sustain me.

And yet how can I write? In the time it took to type the above paragraph, I was interrupted twice (once by daughter, once by oven beep). In the time it took to send an email to an old friend a little while ago, I was interrupted 10 times. I counted.

There has been so much to write about this week! And I will get to it all soon. A friend had breast cancer surgery. Daniel had his endocrinologist appointment. Dominic got his yellow belt. I have had middle of the night thoughts about baking for the holidays & how to juggle that with diabetes/celiac. All this and more is simmering under the surface.

Yoga class this week was a fabulous, holiday-season-stress-busting restoratives class. Writing this blog is another stress-busting exercise. I think that whether you are dealing with diabetes, celiac, cancer, MS, autism, ANYTHING, you come to the blank page, the empty screen, and fill it with words because it is a form of healing. It may be the only thing you can do. In this first year of dealing with Daniel's diagnoses, I still grieve the loss of my healthy child, while celebrating the courage, grace, and maturity that he displays every day. I have to deconstruct some of the plans and dreams and schemes that I had in my head for him -- the same magical bubble that every parent builds around their child -- and reshape it to include all the new concepts & situations and what-ifs that we carry around in our somewhat heavier mental backpack.

All this is going on during the intensely scheduled and party-rich season between Thanksgiving weekend & winter break. I know it is busy for my OC friends, too. So -- if you are out there-- I apologize for not dropping a comment on your blog. I will soon. Just as I hope to hear from you, when you have time.

Meanwhile, I have to pack up the biscotti & clean the kitchen.


Sister-in-law said...

Are you gonna make Christmas crack? Are you? Huh? Huh? (she asks facetiously fully aware of the monstrous spike in blood sugar that it would cause...)
btw, I've been boning up on scrabble!

Naomi said...

I've already figured out how to make the Christmas crack gluten free! But I won't make it until just before I see you or else IT WILL BE GONE.

As for Scrabble... you win. Even before we start playing. *sigh*