Friday, November 16, 2007


Every Friday is a prayer answered, a great whoooosh as the breath I've been holding all week is let out into the twilight. The only night of the week with nothing to do, followed by the only morning of the week we can sleep late.

Daniel started high school this year, and entered a school where he knew practically no one. He has made some friends over the past couple of months, and went to hang out with one of them after school. He called to let me know he got there with no problems and said that it would have been fine for him to stay over for dinner but he doesn't have his bolus pen with him.

When he's home, he uses the home pen. When he goes to school, he uses the school pen. We hadn't planned for an in between time.

As a teenager I would go to friends' houses after school, have a snack, do some homework, watch some TV. A phone call to mom to say I'd be home after dinner. Great times, great memories. I'd like a cure for diabetes to be found quickly, so my kid can enjoy just being a kid.


Jillian said...

Don't worry. Until there is a cure, he will be able to all of that in spite of diabetes. It might take some extra planning, blood sugar checks, and carb counts, but it can all happen.

Naomi said...

I think a pump would help, too. When he's ready for that step. Every time I think we're pretty organized, I find there's something else we need to think about. Nature of the beast!